Sofitel Mumbai BKC

This would be the best Hotel stay so far and we were amazed at every second of our stay.

Booking and Airport Pickup

Status: Accor Plus Platinum

I booked a Junior Suite for 2 nights during a sale, Used 10000 points and 5000 Rupees Cash.
Airport pickup and drop were part of the rate, so requested an airport pickup

Chaffuer and the Manager were waiting for me when I arrived, was swiftly taken to a Toyota Innova in the VIP pickup area (same floor as the exit from the Mumbai Airport T2 domestic)

Was offered some water and soda.


Check In

While in the car, the manager called the hotel to let them know that we are about to pull in to the hotel. Upon arriving, the staff was waiting for me, felt very special. I was directly taken to the room for check-in.

I was upgraded to the Prestige Suite (as I was hoping for).
Was given a welcome letter, Drink voucher for 2 and a small cake and flowers (My birthday month, they knew!). I asked them to take the cake away and bring it back the next day (as my wife & son would be joining me the next day)

IMG_20160722_123621 (1).jpg

IMG_20160722_123052 (1).jpg


I will let the pictures do all the talking.



The next day, when the cake arrived, we were in for a great surprize 🙂

We enjoyed the wine..


We opened a bag of chips and box of nuts from the minibar and were really full.
We then ordered room service for my son and few mins later, the food came in along with the F&B Manager thanking us for our loyality and also bought some complementory juices and chips.


This section covers the Lounge, the pics are during the cocktail hour.
We visited the lounge several times, for breakfast, tea, some fruits for my son.

During the cocktail hour, they served some hot snaks, my wife wanted to eat some paneer (cottage cheese snack) which was not a part of their offering. Upon request, It was specially made for her which made us feel very special.





Every where we went in the hotel, we constantly had staff come to us and thank us for our Loyality. They even offered us a tour of the hotel and showed us their one and only Imperial Suite which has a huge living area, 2 bed rooms and study/fitness room and a kitchenette for the butler. They said they don’t release the Imperial suite for booking and is only for special deligates and celebrities. We were simply amazed.

The best stay of our lives!

Will definetly recommend and will visit again.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card


In December 2014, I signed up for the jet airways american express platinum card for the 15000 sign on bonus miles. I don’t find this card too exciting with its earn ratio, the best earn ratio for spends on Jetairways is the HDFC co-branded world card which gives 18 miles for 150 spent (12 miles for 100).
In May 2015, there was an offer of 1000 bonus JP Miles when you subscribe to an supplementary card. I applied for 2 cards (free) for 2000 bonus JP miles.

As per TnC, the bonus miles should be credited to your account by July 31, 2015, for me it didn’t.
I called in and got it rectified. If you availed this offer, do verify if you received the miles.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card India

Last year I reviewed the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card India and how it is a very good card to get the best value for credit card spends.

I met the 4L spend threshold and utilized all the benefits to its full extent.
I used the 10K Taj voucher on my birthday for a stay at Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai (review coming up soon)

The time has come to renew the card and pay a renewal fee of 5000 + taxes.
I called the customer service to get the renewal fee waived.
Initially they were offering me 50% discount on the renewal fees, but I insisted on cancelling the card if I didn’t get the waiver. Amex agreed to waive it completely if I add two utility bills payment as a standing instruction on the card.
I agreed and got it waived

Croma Extended Warranty LG T7018AEEP5 washing machine review

I cannot believe what just happened.

Let me recap. Back in January 2013, I bought a LG T7018AEEP5 washing machine from Croma after lot of research. My friend has the same machine and highly recommended it.
I bought it for 28K from Croma and paid an additional 659 for additional 2 years extended warranty above the 2 years that LG provides. Seemed a nominal amount and I am glad I did.

2 Years 3 Months later my machine stopped working, it did not even power on.
I contacted Croma Extended Warranty, logged a complaint, (They had all my details based on my phone number, so I didn’t have to provide any additional information).
The Croma Technician came the next day, looked at the machine for around 15 minutes and told me to contact LG as he suspects PCB issue and suggested replacement.
He then told me that Croma extended warranty would reimburse me the cost of the parts (not the service charge) once they are replaced by the LG service. He took my email address and told me that I will receive an email regarding the process for the claim. I did receive a one line email from a gmail account.

Seemed fishy, but I had no choice, I called in LG care, got the tech and he replaced the PCB in the following week. Surprisingly I received follow up phone call from the Croma tech checking in on the progress of the repair.

Once the parts were replaced, I paid around 3000 + another 500 for service charges/taxes. I retained the old parts and informed the Croma guy that the parts have been replaced and I forwarded the LG email invoice to the Croma email that I received earlier.

The next day, The Croma tech shows up on my door, collects the old parts and just gave me the cash reimbursement.
Just unbelievable!

PS: Just wanted to add that the machine is really good and I would still recommend it. My friend who has the same machine for over 4 years hasn’t complained a bit. Yet.

UberX vs auto

I use UBERX quite often to go to work or come back from work to home.
Last evening, I didn’t get any uberx, didn’t find any.. Had to take an auto home.

Reminded how much I love Uber, I paid Rs. 150 for a 10km ride to home, which is just about the same that I pay for UberX, a sedan car 🙂

Have you tried Uber? Sign up with my invite code uberrkv for a free Uber ride worth ₹ 600!:

There is no middle ground

We all see, face and endure lot of inconveniences in our day to day life. Right from some one making too much noise early in the morning to bad traffic jams due to lack of simple traffic common sense to bad pot holes, people littering etc. Everyday we encounter lot of such small things, heck we even cause these “things”.

But at the end of the day, we just ignore and move on, what can one person do any different that will make any substantial difference.

But at the end of the day, there is no middle ground.

Either we are a part of the problem or a part of the solution.


[review] PBEL City Hyderabad

It is Final !
I booked a flat at PBEL City Hyderabad, Pearl Building and I have a good feeling about it.I won’t go in detail about the pros and cons of this venture. But here are a few main ones (for me) !


  • Great Approach (4/6 lane road, 5 mins from ORR Appa Junction Exit)
  • Escape from Zombies ! a) via ORR and head North or South b) via Chevella – Langar House road to the main city (Abids etc)
  • Fly away from Zombies ! ( Airport in ~20 mins, ~15 Kms )
  • Good Amenities
  • Rest in the brochure ! 🙂


  • 16 KM to my work place near In-Orbit Mall, HiTech City via ORR (May be a PRO, depends if you like long drives)
  • Lack of quick public transport (Auto’s etc., but this will change in time)
  • Cost of Amenities -pricey, ( what you pay is what you get ! )

I am sure no one buys a house based on a review, so go ahead and research ! This post is more of a placeholder for people who are researching various properties to buy and would like to ask a question or two about this one, Please feel free to comment here, I will answer them for sure.

PBEL Hyderabad


[review] Karcher MV3 WD 3.200 Wet & Dry Cleaner

I have my obsession with vacuum cleaners and after researching a bit, I finally bought this.
It is really powerful and I am amazed by it. Didn’t try the Wet capability of it yet.
Karcher MV3 and WD 3.200 are both same and retails around 7599 on flipkart and amazon.


I bought it from Metro Cash & Carry and got it for 6,499

There is another model MV4 or WD 4.200 which has the same power but just has a bigger tank, 25L

The only cons I can think of is that the spares might be expensive and the accessories given are very minimal. But then again, I end up using just the one accessory.

Overall Impressed.
Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions.