One fine day I started getting these “deals” newsletters from
I have proper filters set up in my email so I didn’t find the need to unsubscribe or mark spam.

I was tempted to order some items from tradus but wanted to test it out with a small value transaction.
So I ordered AXE pack of three Deodorant Spray for 330 Rupees, that seemed like a good deal as one AXE deo spray retails for around 150 bucks.

I am aware of the knockoffs floating over ebay and other online portals, but just wanted to check if this is legit.
The whole transaction went pretty smooth and easy. So the whole interface of the website was good.
A seller was assigned to the transaction “GuptaStationery” based out of Delhi.
The after sales communication was good too, with prompt email / sms alerts.

I received the items on the day five which was okay I guess.

Not to my surprise the product is a complete knock-off, with watered down content and faded print on the can. I already had one of AXE fragrance with me so I got to compare them aPPles to aPPles (case sensitive comparison 😛 )

I initiated a refund process today, lets see how that goes.

Update 04/07/2013So after multiple attempts to contact their support via multiple mediums (email, website, twitter) etc. They finally responded with a return form and a courier pick up contact number (aramex). They asked me to fill up the form and pack it along with the items for returns and call the courier fella to get the package picked up for return to the seller. Today is 06/07/2013 and the courier fellow didn’t show up yet, I contacted the support telling them this. no response yet.

Update 08/07/2013: I received an update to my email, they ask me to ship the package to tradus office address in Gurgaon. They said once they receive the package, they will refund the amount and also issue an gift coupon for the amount I spent on the courier (not exceeding Rs. 200)

IBIBO Web Private Limited
4th Floor,
Pearl Towers, Plot No 51,
Sector 32, Gurgaon, Haryana-122002.

Lets see.. How this goes.

For Now, I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole any time soon.

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  1. Rajgopal H. G.

    The moment you mentioned “A seller was assigned to the transaction .. based out of Delhi”. It is understood that you will get a dubious product. In the starting of my career in Mumbai, vendors used to refuse a cheque from Delhi clients and insisted only on Demand Draft. Not all the Delhi vendors are bad. But it the market sentiment that most of them are dubious firms to make fast bucks.

    1. ravikiran Post author

      Thanks for your comment and Yes you right
      I am pretty sure I am not the first one to report this (seller or such fakes) to tradus.
      The fact remains that tradus chose to feature that seller and his product in their “deals” newsletter without making sure that it’s indeed a legit product/seller.
      I do understand that while it’s not virtually possible to vet each and every seller and product in such platforms, the least they could have done is to make sure that the deals they feature in their email newsletters are legit.
      And that seller already had some negative feedback (ratings that are shown), so tradus must have already received many complaints on that, yet they choose to let the seller sell on their platform, this shows their long term business model, they are just in the market for a quick buck… not in for the long run.

      Ebay does have such sellers too, but their rating systems allow the customers to easily spot such products/sellers. Infact their dispute resolution is pretty good too.

      From here, Tradus really needs to step up their act significantly to stay in the game.
      PS: I haven’t received any further communication on the refund yet!


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