e-recycling in hyderabad

I always wondered what is the best way to dispose electronic waste without worrying about it ending up in some landfill. A simple google led me to many avenues to dispose off e-waste.
I chose Earth Sense. They are quite near to where I live and they don’t charge anything to dispose off electronic waste. They came to my residence and picked up the electronic waste i had been hoarding for quite a while. (Motherboards, Graphic Cards, DVD Players, Hard Disks etc..)
They even issued a receipt and they said they will courier a certificate in 20 days.

They said they disassemble all parts and send it to the respective agencies for proper disposal or recycling processes.


10 thoughts on “e-recycling in hyderabad

  1. Rajgopal H. G.

    Nice to see the good initiative from you. Hope all Hyderabad residents follow you for safe and green Hyderabad. I think more than 90% of Hyderabad residents do not know what is electronic waste. There should be more awareness about it in school and college levels.

    1. ravikiran Post author

      Yes Definitely.
      Infact there should be some kind of public awareness initiative from some NGO’s or even GHMC or even the training institutes in the Ameerpet “IT Training Road”
      It would go a long way….!

    1. ravikiran Post author

      No, these guys don’t, Many others do.
      I called them up in the afternoon, within two hours they came home and collected the waste πŸ™‚

      1. Arru

        nice to see initiatives towards saving earth. if would nt mind if they charge me with little fee for such a service. thought over community practice should develop here as its propelling in other countries.

  2. mark

    good for you! and good for free, too! i used to pay around US$20 to have a decent sized box of e-waste picked up and recycled here in the States. wasn’t bad, it took me about a year to fill it.

    1. ravikiran Post author

      Yeah.. Also I remember seeing these “recycle bins” in electronic stores like Best Buy etc..
      Those are free right?


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