Poetic Borderline Bumper Case Nexus 4 Review

I have a nexus 4 and I am usually very careful with my gadgets, so I don’t usually use any screen guards of cases. But this phone is not samsungy, just like an iPhone, it is a unibody with a glass back, so can’t risk dropping it.

I researched a bit and zeroed in on the Poetic Borderline Bumper Case Nexus 4, it retails on Amazon.com (US) for $10 and good deals get it for as low as $4
In India, the lowest I found was on eBay, for around Rs. 1000 ($16).

Still went ahead with it. ebay link   seller link


  • Cheap
  • Feels good
  • Snuggy Fit
  • Looks Good
  • Buttons and all Ports easily accessible
  • Good build Quality


  • Cheap?
  • read online that it is not that durable (Will update if I find it to be.)
  • none as of now.

Verdict: Recommended


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2 thoughts on “Poetic Borderline Bumper Case Nexus 4 Review

  1. Purna.Yeluri

    I ordered, couple of weeks back – Nexus4 was offered with Free Bumper from Google Play store..
    seems now there is no offer again..

    1. ravikiran Post author

      Yes, that always seems to hard to get.
      It was free just for a while with the phone on play store.
      It usually retails for $20 + taxes & shipping, so around $24 i think.
      In India, if you get it on ebay or something, its even more expensive, so the Poetic one is the best bet.


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