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areon apple cinnamon

[review] Areon Ken Apple & Cinnamon

Loving my new Car air freshener, Areon Ken Apple & Cinnamon

ps: if you don’t like the smell of “apple pie” (apple cinnamon), don’t even bother, its very strong and I love it 🙂

Airport Lounge Access with Credit Cards

Many Indian banks offer free airport lounge access in India but these are actually provided by the Visa and Mastercard tie ups with the Lounges.

Here is a list that I could obtain by googling.
Also please ensure you have the correct Visa or Mastercard version of credit card
Visa has variants like Visa Platinum, Visa Signature etc.
Mastercard has Mastercard World etc.
Also, it sometimes depends on the bank tie up as well. so YMMV

Please ensure that the list is valid before you decide you visit the lounge on your next trip 🙂


accelerated rewards

[rant] accelerated rewards – not so accelerated after all

It seems like the accelerated rewards of Citibank India Credit Cards (the 10x, 4x etc) would be posted after 60 days of the transaction.

Basically since Citibank India doesn’t give the break up of points accrued in their credit card statement, there is no way to know if they really credited the bonus points.
Way to be transparent Citibank !



I opened my credit card statement that arrived today and found a charge with the name MOPSOTHCRDRCARD Mumbai. I was trying to recollect what it was and it was a tough thing to do, especially since I put all sorts of things on my card leading to a huge list of charges.

Anyways I finally figured it out, I recently applied for passport for my son and paid the passport fees online while applying from the website. It was that charge, I wish they would tag it with some better name.

EDIT: MOPSOTHCRDRCARD can also appear for the GATE 2015 application fees and Staff selection commission entrance exam fees
Thank you
Neerav Agarwal & YlY for pointing it out.

Hope it helped.. 🙂