I opened my credit card statement that arrived today and found a charge with the name MOPSOTHCRDRCARD Mumbai. I was trying to recollect what it was and it was a tough thing to do, especially since I put all sorts of things on my card leading to a huge list of charges.

Anyways I finally figured it out, I recently applied for passport for my son and paid the passport fees online while applying from the website. It was that charge, I wish they would tag it with some better name.

EDIT: MOPSOTHCRDRCARD can also appear for the GATE 2015 application fees and Staff selection commission entrance exam fees
Thank you
Neerav Agarwal & YlY for pointing it out.

Hope it helped.. 🙂

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  1. Sanjeev Mali

    Thanks i was shocked with the summary & Credit Card company could not help, Thanks for the information.
    It was great HELP

  2. Gurudath

    Thanks a bunch..! I was about to call customer executive and thought I should google first.

    Definitely, our govt should give a better name for this kind of transaction.

  3. jash

    Thanks a lot for posting this, I spent almost half an hour to recollect the things i did on that, then i thought i should Google it, and i found your post


    I opened my credit card statement and found a charge of Rs.110/- on 1.8.2014 with the name MOPSOTHCRDRCARD Mumbai has been charged to me. I was tried toomuch to recollect what it was and it was a tough thing to do, especially since I put all sorts of things on my card leading to a huge list of charges. But could not get. I requested SBI Card to reverse/refund this entry but SBI not helping. I am unable to get the contact number of MOPSOTHCRDRCARD even.
    Please help in getting reverse credit.


    1. ravikiran Post author

      If you haven’t used your card on the passport seva website, then I am not sure what the charge could be about.
      You did the right thing by refuting the charge to your bank.
      Did you raise the dispute officially?
      You can use this form to raise the dispute.
      “Please note that a Retrieval Fee
      of Rs. 225 (plus service tax as applicable) shall be charged per
      transaction to your Card Account if case does not close in your favour.” (footnote from the form)

      All the best 🙂
      Please do reply back to this comment and keep us updated on the progress. Thanks.

      1. S.K.SACHDEVA

        Thanks for valuable advice. I already submitted the dispute form with SBI and also requested to Passport of India Authority as well as Ministry of External Affairs Joint Secretary GOI but no response their side. Even SBI not informing about the date, time, venue/destination/city of transaction held.

        1. Rajesh Gupta

          Dear Mr. Ravi,

          Your mail has really helped me even, as I am also not able to recall this transaction, which has been charged to my card.

          Rajesh Gupta

  5. jepson

    Thank man!!, I spent an half an hour trying to figure out what was this on my statement.. was just about to call the bank and report a fraud transaction .. hehe. thought let me google once and i found your blog. Thanks.

    That is the best name they could come up with … seriously .. huh ??
    wots in the name ? i guess.. our 30 mins of our time. grrr …!!

  6. Amol Tarte

    Thank you very much.
    I was wondering from yesterday about What it is in my credit card statement.
    Finally googled and landed here. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Pankim Vyas

    Thanks For the post. it is really very helpful. it is true that they have to use some other word so that comman man can understand easily. Thanks again

  8. Pravin

    I was also gone mad and not able to understood the transaction “MOPSOTHCRDRCARD”. I reached quickly to answer my query thru this blog then ICICI customer care help line 😛

    Wonderful info.


  9. YlY

    Its not just for transactions on passport seva kendra, the other day i paid for Staff selection commision entrance exam fee and the same “MOPSOTHCRDRCARD” appeared in the statement.

  10. Uday

    Thanks for the info. I recently paid for my siblings GATE fee and forget it. On going through the statement for my credit card, I found this MOPSOTHCRDRCARD and thought that my Card has been used by some fraudster. But after checking your post, I reminded that I had paid GATE fee through my credit card only.

    Thanks a lot. But they should change the name to a clear and meaningful name.

  11. Ratan

    The transaction via merchant code – MOPSOTHCRDRCARD MUMBA IN is for the payment made to PASSPORT SEVA KENDRA while applying for a Normal Passport. For a 36 pages booklet, the amount is INR 1500/- + ServiceTax. So, do not be suspicious of that transaction. It’s processed in favour of Passport application.

  12. Sujal

    Thanks a lot. I was also scratching my head for a week but could not recollect where I had spent an amount of Rs. 2033/- charged on my credit card. Even the bank customer care could not give any more details. Finally got the answer here. Seriously they should give a better name for these transactions related to passport fees.

  13. Shantha Kumar

    Thank you very much for your useful post. I was surprised and shocked to see it was charged twice, as I have applied for 2 passports for my sibilings. Crazy code and also very scarry!!! Not able to recollect anything with that code name.

  14. Santosh Kr Sharma

    I have made payment for JIPMER Application form online-2017 on 2nd May 2017 with my credit card, amount of Rs. 1212.60 was deducted from my account and it shows technical error. I tried twice and Rs. 2425.20 was deducted from amount and the same problem occur. After all they have not return my money back. Please suggest me what to do? to get my money back.

    Santosh Kumar Sharma

  15. Sameer Rao

    MOPSOTHCRDRCARD iS NOT always Passport Seva, It is actually any Government Website. When you make a payment to the Government. like Taxes, etc, I Paid Inter state Tax for my Commercial car online & found MOPSOTHCRDRCARD on my Credit card.


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