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[review] PBEL City Hyderabad

It is Final !
I booked a flat at PBEL City Hyderabad, Pearl Building and I have a good feeling about it.I won’t go in detail about the pros and cons of this venture. But here are a few main ones (for me) !


  • Great Approach (4/6 lane road, 5 mins from ORR Appa Junction Exit)
  • Escape from Zombies ! a) via ORR and head North or South b) via Chevella – Langar House road to the main city (Abids etc)
  • Fly away from Zombies ! ( Airport in ~20 mins, ~15 Kms )
  • Good Amenities
  • Rest in the brochure ! 🙂


  • 16 KM to my work place near In-Orbit Mall, HiTech City via ORR (May be a PRO, depends if you like long drives)
  • Lack of quick public transport (Auto’s etc., but this will change in time)
  • Cost of Amenities -pricey, ( what you pay is what you get ! )

I am sure no one buys a house based on a review, so go ahead and research ! This post is more of a placeholder for people who are researching various properties to buy and would like to ask a question or two about this one, Please feel free to comment here, I will answer them for sure.

PBEL Hyderabad


[review] Karcher MV3 WD 3.200 Wet & Dry Cleaner

I have my obsession with vacuum cleaners and after researching a bit, I finally bought this.
It is really powerful and I am amazed by it. Didn’t try the Wet capability of it yet.
Karcher MV3 and WD 3.200 are both same and retails around 7599 on flipkart and amazon.


I bought it from Metro Cash & Carry and got it for 6,499

There is another model MV4 or WD 4.200 which has the same power but just has a bigger tank, 25L

The only cons I can think of is that the spares might be expensive and the accessories given are very minimal. But then again, I end up using just the one accessory.

Overall Impressed.
Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

[review] American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card India

Got my new card, American Express Travel Credit Card.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

Fees: Rs. 3500 Joining Fees
Renewal: Rs. 5000 / year (negotiable with the call center, retention department 🙂 )

Sign up bonus: 5000 Bonus MR (points) worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 4000
After reaching Rs. 1,90,000, 7500 Bonus MR worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 6000After reaching Rs. 4,00,000, 10000 Bonus MR worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 10000

You also get 1 Mr for every Rs. 50 spent, so for Rs. 4,00,000 you would get 8000 MR for which you get Rs. 4000 worth Indigo Vouchers.
And you also get Rs. 10,000 worth Taj vouchers after reaching the 4 lakh milestone.

So for the first year, you spend Rs. 4,03,500 for which you get a total value worth Rs. 34,000 ( 8.43% value)
For the second year onwards, you spend Rs. 4,05,000 for which you get a total value worth Rs. 30,000 ( a 7.4% value)
Pretty neat for a credit card.
The second best card would be the Citibank premier miles card which gives a 5% value for air ticket spends and a 2% value for other spends.