Croma Extended Warranty LG T7018AEEP5 washing machine review

I cannot believe what just happened.

Let me recap. Back in January 2013, I bought a LG T7018AEEP5 washing machine from Croma after lot of research. My friend has the same machine and highly recommended it.
I bought it for 28K from Croma and paid an additional 659 for additional 2 years extended warranty above the 2 years that LG provides. Seemed a nominal amount and I am glad I did.

2 Years 3 Months later my machine stopped working, it did not even power on.
I contacted Croma Extended Warranty, logged a complaint, (They had all my details based on my phone number, so I didn’t have to provide any additional information).
The Croma Technician came the next day, looked at the machine for around 15 minutes and told me to contact LG as he suspects PCB issue and suggested replacement.
He then told me that Croma extended warranty would reimburse me the cost of the parts (not the service charge) once they are replaced by the LG service. He took my email address and told me that I will receive an email regarding the process for the claim. I did receive a one line email from a gmail account.

Seemed fishy, but I had no choice, I called in LG care, got the tech and he replaced the PCB in the following week. Surprisingly I received follow up phone call from the Croma tech checking in on the progress of the repair.

Once the parts were replaced, I paid around 3000 + another 500 for service charges/taxes. I retained the old parts and informed the Croma guy that the parts have been replaced and I forwarded the LG email invoice to the Croma email that I received earlier.

The next day, The Croma tech shows up on my door, collects the old parts and just gave me the cash reimbursement.
Just unbelievable!

PS: Just wanted to add that the machine is really good and I would still recommend it. My friend who has the same machine for over 4 years hasn’t complained a bit. Yet.

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  1. Rajgopal

    Excellent. One more thing to note. Chroma is backed by TATA enterprise. Indirectly, we can say some of the TATA Associates are best.


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