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American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

[review] American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card India

Got my new card, American Express Travel Credit Card.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

Fees: Rs. 3500 Joining Fees
Renewal: Rs. 5000 / year (negotiable with the call center, retention department πŸ™‚ )

Sign up bonus: 5000 Bonus MR (points) worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 4000
After reaching Rs. 1,90,000, 7500 Bonus MR worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 6000After reaching Rs. 4,00,000, 10000 Bonus MR worth Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 10000

You also get 1 Mr for every Rs. 50 spent, so for Rs. 4,00,000 you would get 8000 MR for which you get Rs. 4000 worth Indigo Vouchers.
And you also get Rs. 10,000 worth Taj vouchers after reaching the 4 lakh milestone.

So for the first year, you spend Rs. 4,03,500 for which you get a total value worth Rs. 34,000 ( 8.43% value)
For the second year onwards, you spend Rs. 4,05,000 for which you get a total value worth Rs. 30,000 ( a 7.4% value)
Pretty neat for a credit card.
The second best card would be the Citibank premier miles card which gives a 5% value for air ticket spends and a 2% value for other spends.

areon apple cinnamon

[review] Areon Ken Apple & Cinnamon

Loving my new Car air freshener, Areon Ken Apple & Cinnamon

ps: if you don’t like the smell of “apple pie” (apple cinnamon), don’t even bother, its very strong and I love it πŸ™‚

Airport Lounge Access with Credit Cards

Many Indian banks offer free airport lounge access in India but these are actually provided by the Visa and Mastercard tie ups with the Lounges.

Here is a list that I could obtain by googling.
Also please ensure you have the correct Visa or Mastercard version of credit card
Visa has variants like Visa Platinum, Visa Signature etc.
Mastercard has Mastercard World etc.
Also, it sometimes depends on the bank tie up as well. so YMMV

Please ensure that the list is valid before you decide you visit the lounge on your next trip πŸ™‚


accelerated rewards

[rant] accelerated rewards – not so accelerated after all

It seems like the accelerated rewards of Citibank India Credit Cards (the 10x, 4x etc) would be posted after 60 days of the transaction.

Basically since Citibank India doesn’t give the break up of points accrued in their credit card statement, there is no way to know if they really credited the bonus points.
Way to be transparent Citibank !



I opened my credit card statement that arrived today and found a charge with the name MOPSOTHCRDRCARD Mumbai. I was trying to recollect what it was and it was a tough thing to do, especially since I put all sorts of things on my card leading to a huge list of charges.

Anyways I finally figured it out, I recently applied for passport for my son and paid the passport fees online while applying from the website. It was that charge, I wish they would tag it with some better name.

EDIT: MOPSOTHCRDRCARD can also appear for the GATE 2015 application fees and Staff selection commission entrance exam fees
Thank you
Neerav Agarwal & YlY for pointing it out.

Hope it helped.. πŸ™‚

Areon Car Perfume Freshener Orange Lemon Review

I like fruity car perfumes and I am going to cut to the chase and recommend and review these.

Areon Car Perfume is Gel based and lasts a bit more than a month (without rolling down the windows)
One tin retails for about Rs. 300-350 but on ebay you can buy the combo and get it for Rs. 235 each.

You can find the one I bought hereΒ and here is the seller
There are many other fragrances in the Areon brand that you can try.

Do let me know in the comments which car perfume do you use?

Verdict: Recommended


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Poetic Borderline Bumper Case Nexus 4 Review

I have a nexus 4 and I am usually very careful with my gadgets, so I don’t usually use any screen guards of cases. But this phone is not samsungy, just like an iPhone, it is a unibody with a glass back, so can’t risk dropping it.

I researched a bit and zeroed in on the Poetic Borderline Bumper Case Nexus 4, it retails on (US) for $10 and good deals get it for as low as $4
In India, the lowest I found was on eBay, for around Rs. 1000 ($16).

Still went ahead with it. ebay link Β  seller link


  • Cheap
  • Feels good
  • Snuggy Fit
  • Looks Good
  • Buttons and all Ports easily accessible
  • Good build Quality


  • Cheap?
  • read online that it is not that durable (Will update if I find it to be.)
  • none as of now.

Verdict: Recommended


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e-recycling in hyderabad

I always wondered what is the best way to dispose electronic waste without worrying about it ending up in some landfill. A simple google led me to many avenues to dispose off e-waste.
I chose Earth Sense. They are quite near to where I live and they don’t charge anything to dispose off electronic waste. They came to my residence and picked up the electronic waste i had been hoarding for quite a while. (Motherboards, Graphic Cards, DVD Players, Hard Disks etc..)
They even issued a receipt and they said they will courier a certificate in 20 days.

They said they disassemble all parts and send it to the respective agencies for proper disposal or recycling processes.

I FEEL GOOD πŸ™‚ review

One fine day I started getting these “deals” newsletters from
I have proper filters set up in my email so I didn’t find the need to unsubscribe or mark spam.

I was tempted to order some items from tradus but wanted to test it out with a small value transaction.
So I ordered AXE pack of three Deodorant Spray for 330 Rupees, that seemed like a good deal as one AXE deo spray retails for around 150 bucks.

I am aware of the knockoffs floating over ebay and other online portals, but just wanted to check if this is legit.
The whole transaction went pretty smooth and easy. So the whole interface of the website was good.
A seller was assigned to the transaction “GuptaStationery” based out of Delhi.
The after sales communication was good too, with prompt email / sms alerts.

I received the items on the day five which was okay I guess.

Not to my surprise the product is a complete knock-off, with watered down content and faded print on the can.Β I already had one of AXE fragrance with me so I got to compare them aPPles to aPPles (case sensitive comparison πŸ˜› )

I initiated a refund process today, lets see how that goes.

Update 04/07/2013:Β So after multiple attempts to contact their support via multiple mediums (email, website, twitter) etc. They finally responded with a return form and a courier pick up contact number (aramex). They asked me to fill up the form and pack it along with the items for returns and call the courier fella to get the package picked up for return to the seller. Today is 06/07/2013 and the courier fellow didn’t show up yet, I contacted the support telling them this. no response yet.

Update 08/07/2013:Β I received an update to my email, they ask me to ship the package to tradus office address in Gurgaon. They said once they receive the package, they will refund the amount and also issue an gift coupon for the amount I spent on the courier (not exceeding Rs. 200)

IBIBO Web Private Limited
4th Floor,
Pearl Towers, Plot No 51,
Sector 32, Gurgaon, Haryana-122002.

Lets see.. How this goes.

For Now, I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole any time soon.

Raanjhanaa 2013 Hindi Movie Review

Raanjhanaa (2013)

There is nothing bollywoodly usual about this movie except for the long duration (2 hours 20 minutes) and songs
I had to strike out songs, as it’s A. R. Rahman πŸ˜‰

The movie is not for the masses, as it doesn’t have a happy ending.
The story is simple yet keeps you engaged.
The songs (a bit high in number) don’t necessarily make it irritating as the tunes are well made.

The whole meaning of this movie is about love and the extent one goes to fulfill it, in this case selflessly.

Overall I had a good time watching this movie with family on a Sunday enjoying on free coke and popcorn.

Rating: 3 / 5