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UberX vs auto

I use UBERX quite often to go to work or come back from work to home.
Last evening, I didn’t get any uberx, didn’t find any.. Had to take an auto home.

Reminded how much I love Uber, I paid Rs. 150 for a 10km ride to home, which is just about the same that I pay for UberX, a sedan car 🙂

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e-recycling in hyderabad

I always wondered what is the best way to dispose electronic waste without worrying about it ending up in some landfill. A simple google led me to many avenues to dispose off e-waste.
I chose Earth Sense. They are quite near to where I live and they don’t charge anything to dispose off electronic waste. They came to my residence and picked up the electronic waste i had been hoarding for quite a while. (Motherboards, Graphic Cards, DVD Players, Hard Disks etc..)
They even issued a receipt and they said they will courier a certificate in 20 days.

They said they disassemble all parts and send it to the respective agencies for proper disposal or recycling processes.