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[review] PBEL City Hyderabad

It is Final !
I booked a flat at PBEL City Hyderabad, Pearl Building and I have a good feeling about it.I won’t go in detail about the pros and cons of this venture. But here are a few main ones (for me) !


  • Great Approach (4/6 lane road, 5 mins from ORR Appa Junction Exit)
  • Escape from Zombies ! a) via ORR and head North or South b) via Chevella – Langar House road to the main city (Abids etc)
  • Fly away from Zombies ! ( Airport in ~20 mins, ~15 Kms )
  • Good Amenities
  • Rest in the brochure ! 🙂


  • 16 KM to my work place near In-Orbit Mall, HiTech City via ORR (May be a PRO, depends if you like long drives)
  • Lack of quick public transport (Auto’s etc., but this will change in time)
  • Cost of Amenities -pricey, ( what you pay is what you get ! )

I am sure no one buys a house based on a review, so go ahead and research ! This post is more of a placeholder for people who are researching various properties to buy and would like to ask a question or two about this one, Please feel free to comment here, I will answer them for sure.

PBEL Hyderabad